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Futuristic LA Noir

Ridley Scott’s Blade Runner is a futuristic sci fi film about rogue replicants, humanoid robots who were previously used as slave labor, that threaten to tip the balance of the film’s dystopian society. As a noir film, there were different designs and elements that made it such. Its tactical use of a much darker city filled with skyscrapers and industrial smoke create a sinister atmosphere surrounding this version of Los Angeles. The idea of dystopian society permeates from the environment with cloudy weather and a severe lack of light evident throughout the movie.


As seen in the picture below, Blade Runner uses different architecture to show how futuristic LA is, how different it is from the present day city. A vivid use of futuristic designs maintains the idea of this being a different LA. This isn’t the one we know today. Tall, pyramid like buildings encompass Tyrell Corp while everywhere else is thrown into the dirt and grime of a dark, sketchy city. This use of differing architecture¬†supports the air of dystopia, bringing a sort of twisted harmony between classes.


An example of the movie’s use of light

Additionally, this film supports the noir style, using its signature characteristics to bring forth a much darker atmosphere. No matter the film, these features help create an air of darkness. Distinctive lighting, femme fatales, shadowy effects and smoky undertones help a noir film regardless of the plot or setting. These elements transcend time and everything around it, helping a movie or show create the right kind of eerie atmosphere to assist in ambiance.


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