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Got week 2 in the bag

So I will admit, I got a late start on my assignments this week because I was so busy with trying to balance my other classes, this class, and work.  I had a lot of late nights towards the end of this week but all in all, I got everything done and I’m proud to say that!

I’m not a big fan of reading and will usually do anything to get myself out of having to read anything that’s longer than a few paragraphs, but I read all 3 of the required readings from this week and read them all the way through!  They were quite long but they were interesting so they didn’t seem as long as they were.  Where’s the Postman is where you can find my full opinion and reflections about the readings.

Next came making my character dossier.  My character’s name is Lawrence Spitler and you can find out more about him by clicking on his name!  Although he’s not anything like my Grandfather by any means, I used my grandfather’s middle name as his last because it’s unique and I thought it fit well.  He also has my grandpa’s birthday (the month and day, not the actual year).  I enjoyed focusing on the details of Lawrence’s life and actually creating him as a character and I think it’ll be fun to shape him into a better, more realistic person.

As for the writing assignments…I usually loathe writing, with a passion, but these assignments weren’t too bad.  My favorite one to do was A Postcard From the Past.  I was surprised by how easily the idea came to me but I am really proud of the final product and would love it if people would give it a read and comment about what they thought!  As for the other two writing assignments, Twitter Poetry and An Alternate Ending, I also enjoyed those just not as much as the postcard one.  The twitter poem was fun because it was kind of difficult to make all of the trends fit into one poem (lol..I’m not sure if lol is allowed in these things so that’s why it’s in ( ) ).  Creating an alternate ending was also fun but it was hard to match the style of the writer.  I’m not too sure I did that justice but it’s definitely a different ending than what the author wrote!

The Daily Creates are a fun way to make sure everyone keeps active during the week so we don’t wait until the last minute to try to fit everything in before Sunday night!  All of the three I did this week had to do with photographs, which I don’t mind because I like photography, but I think it’ll be fun to actually use other types of media to do these things!

My blog customization took some time but I finally got it to a look that I am satisfied with.  I’m sure as time goes on I’ll find something I don’t like about it and switch it around again but for the time being I will leave it be!  I’m not too familiar with the plugins yet but I used Jetpack a couple times this week and it looks like it will be something I will use often for this course!

I commented on two posts this week that can be found here: A Chilly Love Story and Noir Haiku.  It was really cool to see what other people posted about and I will definitely keep checking back for titles that catch my attention and that look like something I might like to read.

That pretty much sums up everything about Week 2!  It was definitely a lot more stressful and demanding than Week 1 but I think that’s because I got a late start.  I’m going to try and start Week 3 a little earlier that way I won’t be trying to squeeze everything in in a short amount of time!

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