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Happiness Through Sound

First Audio Assignment is completed!

This is actually my first time using Audacity. It took me a while to make 1:40 sound. I went to tutorial in UMW’s Digital Knowledge Center, it helped me a lot. If I did not go, I would probably had hard time to this assignment. My assignment is to show emotions through sounds (3 points). About 45 seconds from beginning, I used church bell sound effect to give sprightly atmosphere. After the bell sound ends, the happy background music comes out with bird chirping sound. Whenever I woke up in morning, and hear birds are chirping, it made my days to start feeling good, and think that I might hear some good news. Lastly, I put baby laughing sound. I love babies, so when I hear babies are laughing, I laugh with them and sometimes they make me to forget worries and just smile like I have no concern.

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