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Having A Coke With You.

When I thought of which poem I wanted to turn into a poster per request of this three-star visual assignment, my mind immediately shot to “Having A Coke With You” by Frank O’ Hara. It is a poem that reminds me of traveling and summertime simplicity and being simply enamored and captured┬áby the person in front of you. And though I have yet to experience such a wonderful love for myself, this poem reminded me of one of the endearing relationships of my dear friend Theresa. So I took to PicMonkey and used his and her TOTALLY ADORABLE picture on one side of the collage, than put the one of the two solitary side-by-side Cokes on the other. I inscribed the line of the poem that I thought best captured my thoughts of them on the bottom part of the collage, and purposefully capitalized the word “World” because for her, that’s what he was. Additionally, I chose a font that not only stood out but reminded me of the Coca Cola logo itself to kind of tie everything together.Though their love ended suddenly and tragically too soon, the story of Theresa and Ian will always live on through the photos, through her memories, and for me, through the beautiful words of this poem.

Collage Finished

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