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He Walked by Night

I liked this movie.

This capture, I got because it was one where they were having a conversation in the car. The driver seems to be concentrating on what he is doing with a little bit of paying attention to the converstation. The continual lighting changes from the street lights, gave it a realistic appeal.

car ride


This shot makes you think that there is something important going on. In truth they were supposed to be listening to the scanner.  The detective in the suit comes off as he is just by chance, looking into the car as the officer is looking for something.





I really thought that the lighting that they did on the suspects they had in the police station was kind of odd. The faces of the suspects were washed out in a spotlight. It really didn’t come off to me as a noir type of lighting. More of a “hey lets use the spotlights”

odd light

Again, I still like the drama style of the “Venetian blind” effect.


This is a suspenseful part shot. It is shot like you are hiding crouched down waiting for him to find you.


Dragnet was a good show.  This screen shot was a brighter lit one that I found to be good. They all seem to be waiting for important news. Like they are ready to pounce on someone/something.





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