straight down the line

He was supposed to be in Wilmington

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As I combed through the aisles
of Walmart
for an Xbox. But I cannot stop thinking about that
Triangle that Wayne was holding yesterday. Why
was he holding it? What
was he doing with it? He was supposed to be
in Wilmington. He was supposed to find The Boy
Next Door. We’re running out of time now.
It’s almost Valentine’s Day. He’ll be be expecting
Super Bowl, but all I see on the TVs at Walmart is Theo
Pinson and Cat Barber. 
I don’t even want the Xbox. 

When I came across the Twitter Trends Turned Lyrical Poetry, I was immediately intrigued by the idea. I love the idea of creating poetry out of unexpected things, and I also love the comedy that Twitter trending topics would surely provide.
When I logged on to Twitter, the trending topics were not, well, necessarily appropriate on this Friday evening. Luckily, Twitter allows you to change the area of your trend list. It can be worldwide or specific to a certain location. So I switched over to Raleigh, NC because, why not see what that collective is talking about tonight.
I screenshotted the trends and started to connect similar things in my mind, but then realized these wouldn’t all connect. I guess I would have to get creative. The idea I originally had for my poem didn’t pan out because once I did some googling I learned that ‘Cat Barber‘ is a basketball player, which is not what I originally thought (yes, yes, I thought it was one who cuts the hair of cats).
I really enjoyed this assignment and think it’s a great representation of this course. I love the idea of taking one medium and turning it into something completely different. No one would ever expect the peculiar, random things that pop up on Twitter trends to become a poem, but I actually think it came together in a pretty interesting way. I never would have thought of combining two mediums like Twitter and poetry, and that’s why I enjoyed this assignment – it really prompted me to think creatively.

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