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Hmm. Where should I start? My name’s Nelia-Sol White. I’m a freshman planning on majoring in communications though if that doesn’t work out I’m going to major in English with a creative writing concentration. I love designing things, placing things in certain ways, coming up with ideas and helping people with their problems. I feel like I’m doing a mix of a job interview and a dating profile. But I’m not new to blogging. I actually have a wordpress already but this one’s a separate one to that. Since this is really just an introduction I’ll spare you my lush, crisp, sarcasm and my roaring personality. And as such, I thought it would be nice to show who I am or what I do through other sites.

Campus Bon Fire

This was a photo of our Homecoming Bonfire that I am quite proud of. I’m apart of the yearbook club and have a loving interest in photography (so I didn’t just take such an awesome photo with my phone).

I have an unhealthy obsession with anything that has to do with The Great Gatsby so hear’s a song from the newest movie’s soundtrack that I thought went nicely with noir.

Lastly, I have to mention my love for one of the greatest podcasts in existence. Welcome to Nightvale is a masterpiece and when I found out I could review it for noir I ascended into the sky.

I would have personally shown my face but I’m still working out the kinks for video on my laptop so once I get that done I will grace my loving audience with my adoring face.


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