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I think I might just sit in silence for the next week

I don’t even know where to start with audio week. I have never been so frustrated about an assignment in my life. It has been torture. BUT listening to all of the work I have done has been rewarding. Throughout college all I have done is write papers, read literature, and make lesson plans. I have gotten good at those things. I have become comfortable with those skills, so I am NOT used to not knowing what to do with an assignment. I am also not used to having an assignment feel like any thing other than an assignment.

I have spent late nights and weekends doing nothing but audio editing. By the end of this week I almost wanted to scream “HOW DID I ONLY CREATE LIKE 3 OR 4 MINUTES OF AUDIO?!” It felt like I should have hours and hours of audio to share. It was frustrating. But it was also fun at times. Although, I am not sure I even want to utter the word audacity for at least a couple of days. Even though it was rough at times, I still learned more than I ever would have sitting in a classroom.

Audio week was more about learning a new skill than completing a required to-do list. While at times I felt like I would rather just give up than sit there for hours trying to manipulate a 30 second clip, it also felt like I was in the real world. The fact that the radio bumper I created could potentially be used on DS106 Radio just made me want to put that much more effort into it. Each assignment was a reflection of my thought process, and the great part was it was all shown through sounds. Even if I never explained what I was going with the sounds, they were all a piece of me and they all had a purpose.

I learned a lot about the presence of sound. (Here is my reflection on the Audio videos and reading).

In the Emotions through Sound, assignment I portrayed my mental reaction to stress and anxiety. It was just sounds for sounds sake; those sounds were ones that particularly pertained to me. It was almost like letting someone inside my head when I am stressed (and let me tell you, that is not a fun place to be). I will say it was extremely hard to do that assignment because it required me to listen and re-listen to that track until it was perfect and it was like listening to nails on a chalk board.

And once again, getting to work with our character dossiers has been exciting. In the Story with Sound Effects assignment I actually felt like I was in the scene. I had to walk around my apartment and get a feel for what I was trying to portray. I really had to focus on the sounds and then figure out what those sounds meant to Stella. How were they going to portray her as a person without her being there, in fact, she wasn’t even in the scene at all. However, it all circled around her.

I Want it That Way. The title of this Backstreet Boys song could not have summed up my experience with Removing Lyrics any better. I wanted it a certain way, and while I was nearly there, it still isn’t perfect. But O earned those 1 1/2 stars and it is a miracle that my laptop is still in functioning order. There was one night when I was just clicking away and editing and my laptop threw a little hissy fit. I had to set it aside for an hour or two because it clearly just needed a break. Poor gal. But little did she know, I wasn’t nearly finished.

Which brings me to one of my favorite assignments these week: the Radio Bumper. I had so much fun trying to incorporate noir and the femme fatale aspect into only sounds. It was really my own interpretation of DS106, which I hadn’t really thought about until writing this weekly summary. It shows listeners what DS106 sounds like in my head. Creepy or cool?

After creating a bumper, I had some trouble coming up with a Radio Show idea because I wanted it to be different. I had thrown all of my creative juices into the bumper that I thought there was no way I could create another intricate compilation. My ideas were all over the place. At one point I got so complicated that couldn’t even follow what I was trying to get at. I kept assuming that everyone’s character was as dark and twisted as mine. I look forward to working with other people and seeing what their ideas encompass.


I had a lot of fun listening to this and I think only getting to hear what is going makes a person focus more on what sounds mean. There is also some room for ambiguity. Was that actually a gun shot? Or was it a car backfire? You may not get that answer right away. I also loved following along with the twitter conversation. Some of my classmates, as well as professors, were on point with their commentary.

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