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Imagination is the limit: cats, yodels, and eyes

cat on synthesizer

This cat is outta this world!

Here are the daily creates I completed this week. It truly has been a learning experience! Making a cat on a synthesizer in space showed me how seemingly ordinary things can be combined into something super silly, yet oddly beautiful. If any animal could do it, its the cat. Unfortunately, cats can’t breathe in space, so this cool kitty has a space helmet. Now I wonder where he plugged his synthesizer into?



The next daily create was to yodel. For inspiration, I looked up YouTube videos of yodelers, but that just made me self conscious, especially when I heard a 12 year yodeler on America’s got Talent who totally rocked the house! Clearly my yodel needs a bit of practice.


Eye see you!

For my final daily create, I took an eye selfie. I learned that holding a smartphone up to your eye and getting a clear shot are tricky. I also learned that I find closeups of eyes incredibly creepy. I mean, it could be a murderer’s eye, or a really nice person, you have no way of telling! Thankfully, I’ve looked in the mirror enough to recognize my eye when I see it. Indeed, when it comes to the daily creates, your imagination is the limit!

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