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Yikes, the closest I have ever gotten to true photography is Instagram which consists of pictures of my dogs, some pretty sunset pictures, and a few selfies here and there. When I’m taking pictures, whether it be for documenting and event or just because I find something pretty/interesting, I don’t usually focus on the angle or lighting. I just make sure that what I am trying to capture is in focus and that the image I want to capture is being captured to the fullest. ┬áThe meaning I am typical trying to portray is basically what I’m feeling when I take the picture… For example, if it’s pictures of my dogs, I’m trying to portray the beauty and love I have for them. Here is an example of my artistic Instagram works ;) :


Some tactics I would like to use after reviewing the videos about photography, is the idea of lighting. I’ve always loved the historical picture of “Migrant Mother” and how the moment was actually captured. I also enjoyed the photo of the work out camp by┬áJason Eskenazi and how he captured that photo because of it’s geometry. The photographers take so much into account, like lighting, angles, the shapes the people in the photo are making, and portray an emotion behind them. There is reasoning for every picture they take and how they take it. I would like to focus on having a deeper meaning behind my photographs and to capture the emotion of the people I am taking the pictures of. I really want to test out the lighting (especially the cheap version with a dark room and lighting coming through a doorway) for one of my photos I’ll take this week. I can’t wait to experiment and try to work on some new techniques with photography.

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