straight down the line

Introducing Mack…

Being born in the slums of Chicago Mack never had the ideal life. His mother was a cleaning lady for his father who was married at the time and he was the result of their affair. His father was in and out of his life a lot and did everything he could to hide his bastard sons existence. When his wife found out she kicked his father out and he began to live with the mother of his child and work odd jobs. His father began to drink more and more as he got older and became increasingly violent. When Mack was 10 his father broke a glass against his head when Mack tried to defend his mother from another violent beating. After that Mack left and began living on the streets of Chicago doing errands for a small gang that later evolved into the mofia. In his early 20s Mack started dating a local girl that worked in a small family owned diner. She became pregnant and they talked of marriage but never did it. She gave birth to a son that Mack wasn’t allowed to see because of the trouble he was constantly in.

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