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Introducing Melody Bay Kennish Ahn

Melody Bay Kennish Ahn has a name that demands attention by those who hear it. She spent most of her youth spreading graffiti around her shore town all tagged with her nickname MB. A nickname given to her from her father, Lucas Kennish, a loving man who owns a bakery in Long Beach Island (LBI) filled with his daughter’s art. He remains the only person allowed on this planet to call Melody MB. Her mother, Priscilla Ahn, left when Melody was five to become a famous singer and was the presumed cause of Melody’s artistic outburst. Priscilla made it big in Los Angeles and never returned to the East Coast. Her relationship with her daughter remains a mystery to everyone but Melody, who keeps any contact with her secret. Which is not uncommon from Melody. Everyone in LBI knows of her art which has evolved beautifully over the years from messy spray paint on the side of the ice cream shop to incredible self- portraits of tourists. Which she paints without asking and then leaves for them in their hotel rooms, beach chairs, and car seats. Her studio is hidden throughout the shore town and never stays the same. She simply appears in a space and begins working on her latest masterpiece. No one dares turn her away for her art has been heavily sought over. Her paintings are worth thousands of dollars, but no one has ever seen her sell single one. The truth is that Melody has been sitting on a large trust fund from her mother for years. When her fathers’ bakery almost went out of business in 1998 Priscilla had been spying on her estranged family and set up a trust fund for Melody because she believed Lucas incapable of caring for the daughter she abandoned. Melody has struggled with spending this money so she made her peace by giving away her gift of art for free. Something her mother would never do. Now Melody Bay Kennish Ahn is an enigma of LBI. She rarely seen, but her presence is felt through her art work that paints the town. Many men and women have come in search of Melody hoping that this beautiful mysterious woman will take interest in them, paint them, and maybe reveal something more.




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