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Introduction & Weekly Summary

My Favorite Artist



Hello my name is Shymonique!!  I am a Studio Art major with a medium in digital media. I like to create videos and take photos. Also I like to read. I just joined ds106 this past Friday and I think this is going to be a interesting semester.

After getting into the course and learning about it, I think this is going to be a interesting course and I’m going to learn so much from it. At first I was a little overwhelmed after reading the syballus, because I’m not that advanced with computer technology. Once I got started working on the bootcamp assignment, I felt more comfortable. I have learned more about UMW Domain, Noir Films, Twitter, and ds106. This experience is going to open up a lot of doors for me that I didn’t know about websites or what UMW has to provide. Throughout this experience, I hope I have completed everything correctly with setting up.

My Weekly Summary:
After reading through, “Notes on Film Noir,”  that noir films are more popular even today like they were in the early 1940 to1950. In the more modern time, cartoon also “Scooby Doo The Backstage Rage,” has that dark setting back ground but it doesn’t have that horror theme. Also, “Pretty Little Liars,” a popular modern teen show, has the appearance of a normal life but then has that dark side when things started happening because of the crime the girls have committed. “Sin City,” on the other hand, is a perfect description of film noir. “Sin City,”  has that black and white picture with a crime theme that takes place.



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