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Hello! My name is Cuyler Matteson. I am a sophomore at UMW and a computer science major. I am looking forward to this semester in #ds106


Week One Summary

This week I have learned a lot about forms of social media that I have never been introduced too. I learned that Flickr is easy to use and a nice quick way to post photos. I see Flickr as an easier instagram and more of a website that is focused on posting a lot of pictures unlike instagram that is used to see how many likes someone can get.

Sound cloud is a website that is used for sharing personal music. I think it was neat seeing peoples views on certain types of music.

This week I posted my first video on YouTube. It was quit fun making this post and I will enjoy posting more in the future.

Figuring out everything on WordPress was hard but I will figure it out as the semester continues.

My Impression of noir is basically that it is dark themed. Mischievous and drama like that is meant to make the watcher feel suspense.

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