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Jealousy Can Be A Nasty Weapon

Design Assignment:

Create Your Own DS106 Wallpaper! 4?

I chose to do this assignment because i love making wallpapers for my computer. I’ve made so many I put them on rotate to change every 30 minutes.

I wanted to do something not only ds106 but also something noir since that’s the theme of this semester. At first I was just going to Google search something noir like, but then I remembered a certain picture.

In this picture you have my dogs Star, who is in the background, and Dallas, who is the dog on the left in the foreground. You also have my brother’s dog, Jasmine, in the foreground on the right. We were watching Jasmine when my brother and his fiance went to see her parents. They had been playing all day when they collapsed into this pose. I quickly snapped a photo, and got a lovely piece of art.

For this assignment I added some text to give it that noir feeling and the result was this…


I always thought “Star must be really jealous that Jasmine is holding Dallas’s hand”. So this is my submission for the wallpaper for ds106. A jealous puppy could be a dangerous thing.

For this assignment I took a photo that I shot with my iPhone 5 and uploaded it to Pixlr. I then made the original picture black and white and added the text in. I then saved and uploaded it to Flickr.

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