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Johnny Corner Pocket

Johnny was born on January 2nd, 1922 in Boston, Massachusetts, where he has lived his whole life. Johnny never had much of a home life. His father, Jim McCormick, walked out on the family when he was five years old. Johnny was an only child so he grew up with his mother, Wendy McCormick. Wendy started dating other men soon after Jim left and Johnny never enjoyed having any of them over. Johnny’s relationship with his mother started to turn sour, as he got older. The two never saw eye to eye so Johnny started spending time around the house less and less. He would always sneak out of the house looking for the next adventure and looking for what trouble he could get into next. Johnny ended up dropping out of high school; he always said, “It was a waste of my time.” Once dropping out of high school, he moved in with his friend named Gary. Gary was a few years older than Johnny and worked in a pool hall/bar named Corner Pockets Bar. Gary was able to get Johnny a job at the bar where he would clean dishes and empty the garbage when need be.

After work, Johnny started picking up the game of pool. He quickly became addicted to the game and constantly was looking to improve his skills. He would stay at the bar for hours after his shift to play. Once he was confident in his pool playing abilities, he started playing for money. When he wasn’t playing pool or working, he was out behind the bar playing dice for money as well. Johnny quickly became the guy to beat in Corner Pockets Bar. His nickname, “Johnny Corner Pocket” was founded shortly after for his legendary billiards style of only using the corner pockets and home of where his love for the game first started. When questioned about not using the side pockets in his play, he stated, “Side Pockets? Forget about it! Johnny goes for the corners!” Johnny started making more and more money and was working his way up to be on the most notorious pool players in all of Boston.

Johnny Corner Pocket is looking to extend his reputation by getting out of Boston and moving to the only city that could fully fuel his gambling addiction, Las Vegas. He dreams of a new life filled with gambling, billiards, girls and fame. He believes that Las Vegas can fulfill that dream for him.

What does Johnny look like?

Jo the pool player...!

Johnny is a tall, slender man with brown eyes. He is approximately 6 feet tall and weighs around 170 pounds. He has short, dark hair and always slicks it to the side. Johnny has some sort of facial hair on him at all times and is never clean-shaven. When he doesn’t have a toothpick hanging out of his mouth, he’ll have a cigarette to replace it. His clothes are rather raggedy but always find’s a way to make it look good. Johnny is a ladies man; the girls love his style, his hair, and his swagger.

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