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Just being Frank with you

So Frank starts out as a bum, then ends up a bum. He had a lot of luck in this, the Greek hires Frank to be a Mechanic, he gets out of jail for murder, and then is the only one in the car accident that does not die. I cannot believe this guys luck in this. I mean tragic things happened in this story also. Cora dies, the baby dies, and he loses all of his money to some guy hustling him. Frank is a complex character in this story. At first I thought he does not have a job, he likes to run away from problems, but then he is so in love and he tells the truth to Cora at the end about wanting to kill her. Even though he told the truth, he did everything in his power to get Cora to the hospital, but then they end up in an accident.

Some of the logic of the story was odd to me, maybe it was the time it was written or how that time just was. The title makes a little sense because the bad guys sent the letter by delivering it and they left all of their copies in the same place which was dumb. Then the title makes no sense because I do not recall a postman being involved in the story. The like the title because it catches your attention and it is memorable.

I enjoyed the story once I understood who the characters were and what their roles were. The beginning was slow to pick up, then the court room action had suspense, and then the ending was odd to me. Six hours of reading 68 pages could make you hate the book, but I liked it very much. The book kept my attention even when I did not know what was going on in some parts.  I liked all the characters, even the Greek and Katz.



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