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Killer Bee and Cees

I had to dedicate at least 3 stars to my Character Dossier, and I thought this assignment would be the perfect way to do it! Not only is it worth a whopping 3 stars, it was also an extremely fun assignment to do. The title of the assignment is Seven-Character Story Treatment in which you create 7 characters, in a way similar to the Justice League or Murder by death, and then create an idea for a TV show pilot or movie. I decided to choose a TV Show Pilot which turned into the beginning of a TV series…. but none the less, I hope you enjoy what I have created!


TV Show- Back to Morgan

Who is the first person you would suspect to commit murder and get away with it? A serial killer? A psychopath? A felon? What about a family and their dog? No? Well times are changing.

Meet Blair Morgan-Arnold and her family. She and her husband Charles have 5 children Charles Jr, Connor, Charlotte, Caroline, and little Callie Mae. Her dog, Copper, a loving foxhound protects each and every member of the family, besides Blair’s husband. Copper never took a liking to him. But Copper isn’t always the nicest rose in the bouquet. He can attack instantly on command, which is great for Blair and her family. Everyone knew the Arnolds as a sweet, wholesome southern family. No one suspected what was soon to come.

When Blair found out Charles had yet another mistress in their bed, she about lost it. This was the third one in 6 months, and she was done. She didn’t just want him gone, she wanted him dead. She knew that each of her children had a gift that would help her fulfill this task. Charles Jr could run faster than any kid in the state, even at 7 years old. Connor, at age 6,could come up with better fictional stories than an English major with a concentration in creative writing. 5-year-old Charlotte had a gift like no one else. She was able to communicate with spirits. No one, besides Blair, knew of this gift. 3 year old Caroline was the brainiac. She could multiply large numbers in her head, and could measure distance with her eyes, with complete accuracy. And 2 year old Callie Mae, while still young, had a gift she couldn’t even realize yet. She had the ability to read minds, but was also able to shift the minds of others whenever she felt possible. Copper, their beloved dog, was a hunter. He attacked on command, and could kill, if necessary.

Between the 7 of them, Blair knew that she would be able to make this murder happen, be able to get away with it, and get her last name back.


This “show” builds onto the story I have created about my character, Blair Morgan, and how she killed her husband Charles. It was really a lot of fun to be able to work more with the character to make her story have depth. I was able to add details about her family, including naming her 5 children as well as her dog. I was also able to figure out a way to get her children involved with the murder. (If you check Blair’s bio, you’ll see that they do in fact get away with it, and they move to Detroit where she becomes a Crime Scene Cleaner). Eventually, I’m sure as more assignments are posted, the story will continue to build, and I will be able to get more and more creative with her and her family as time goes on. 

I’ve really been exploring a lot of options on the life of my character. This assignment really gave me insight on how detailed I can get. I’m really starting to enjoy this deep and dark writing, which is weird for me since I refer to myself as a princess on a regular basis. Blair sort of gives me an alter ego, and an outlet to write stories in a way I usually wouldn’t. That is one thing I really like about this class as a whole. You are pushed outside of your comfort zone, and it opens up your eyes to new possibilities. Blair’s story will continue to grow, and I cannot wait to see how other people develop their characters as well. I definitely think this assignment was a great way to get me thinking about Blair’s life, and how I want to shape it. Who knows. Maybe one day someone will want to buy the rights to Blair and make a movie out of her life….which is basically what I’m banking on to pay back my loans.


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