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Lawrence Spitler’s Briefcase

This post is the What’s In Your Bag visual assignment worth 3 points. This assignment revolves around the character that I made, Lawrence Spitler, and includes what is in his “bag.”

What's in your bag?

This is what is in Lawrence Spitler’s Briefcase/Pockets.  We’ll start off with what is laid out across the table.

The aviator sunglasses are what Lawrence wears out and about on a normal sunny day.  He likes the shape the have and feels they make him look like he means business.  If they aren’t over his eyes, they’re hanging on the middle of his shirt right under his chin.

His wallet is what you would expect from a middle-aged man.  It’s a black trifold that is sturdy enough to take on even the toughest of jobs.  He keeps his driver’s license and money in this (but not too much money, in case something bad might happen).  He also stuffs some business cards in there, two of which are important and are laying beside his phone.

The business cards are for the two most important contacts Lawrence has in his life.  One is for his boss, Xavier Rogers.  Lawrence is Xavier’s go to guy for anything he needs done (and I mean anything).  The business card beneath Xavier’s is of Heath Franks.  Heath is a good friend of Lawrence’s and is almost like his partner in crime.  They don’t see each other much but they know who to call when they need someone. Heath is in the same business as Lawrence, which is how they met each other in the first place.

There is also his iPhone 6 laying there on the table.  On the screen, there is an incoming call from Xavier.  Lawrence can’t go anywhere without his cellphone because that’s his main way of contact with everyone.  He doesn’t do much texting or tweeting, and he keeps his call history short.  Xavier is probably calling because he has some business that Lawrence needs to take care of.

The keys are to his Bentley.  He doesn’t always drive the car, but he always has his keys.  He keeps them with him just in case someone ever breaks into his place and tries to steal the car.  He won’t let that happen.  If someone were to steal that car, they may enjoy the car for a total of 12 hours, but once Lawrence finds them, they won’t be enjoying much else after that.

The pen and notebook are for Lawrence’s notes.  The subjects of his notes vary.  Some days it’s about the job of the day, other days it’s about his car, and other days still it’s about his thoughts and feelings.  It is by no means a diary, but he just jots down some words or phrases that describes how he is feeling that day.  There’s not many of the “feelings” notes because he guards himself from his own feelings, but most of the notes are about his jobs and the people he meets.

The knife is his pocket knife that he never leaves home without.  You never know when you might face a fight or get in some trouble so his knife is his go-to weapon.  It’s light and small so it’s easy for him to conceal in his pocket or sock.  I won’t say what he’s done with that knife, but just know, it’s not something that is easy on the eyes.

Now into the briefcase we go…

That gun you see there is in weapon of choice, a 9mm pistol.  He keeps that bad boy in his briefcase for his business meetings.  He doesn’t keep the clip in it, just as a safety precaution…he doesn’t need to draw any more attention to himself that he has already.  The sunglasses go along with the gun.  He only wears those dark sunglasses to his business meetings.  He needs to hide his eyes from his clients or they might know who he actually is.  Is his name actually Lawrence Spitler?

There are many papers that he keeps inside his briefcase.  Most of them are his clients’ background information or his notes from over the years.  His clients’ documents are what drives his business.  Without them he lives in the dark.  This briefcase is always at his side, no matter how heavy it might get.  He makes sure it’s always in his sight and no one ever touches it.  If the wrong person got their hands on that briefcase…there’s no telling what might happen.


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