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Layla Arkwood in Four Icons

Layla In 4 Icons

Layla enjoys the color red. Given the fact that her hair is a blazing red and she enjoys the same color, many have taken to calling her the Flame Princess. However, regardless of her mood or outfit, she always wears two things: her mother’s necklace and Mikhail and Nikolai’s gift. Her mother had given her that necklace the day she died, reminding her not to hate Terrence for essentially killing her and to keep him as far away from the mob scene as possible. Her bracelet was given to her by her bodyguards the day they were finally able to afford something (Layla had found them near death under a bridge). They had said that it took them a day to find something for her because they had never shopped for a woman before. They had been so proud to give it to her that she allowed tears to form in her eyes (and people never see Layla cry). So, she chose to wear it everyday as a reminder that she saved them and that they love her for it. And the gun is self explanatory. Layla’s always packing . :D

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