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Lesson of the Week: Tread Carefully with Blog Titles

I survived audio week, which I really didn’t find nearly as menacing as the video at the beginning of this week made me think it would be. I guess this was because I already had a lot of experience working with audacity in high school, so I already knew a lot about the frustrations of editing in audacity.

I got my daily creates out of the way early this week, choosing to do the I’m sorry one and captioning the cute puppy photo. I did not realize how hostile the title of the post was though until it was pointed out to me on Twitter. I wish I was this clever, but I am not and I will not accept credit. Also, the title is a little darker than I am comfortable with, but oh well.

I participated in the live-tweet of the Maltese Falcon on Tuesday evening.

I am not sure how constructive my comments were, but I definitely did see parallels between this story and Chinatown, which I watched last week. I also read “Radio Noir in the USA” and watched the two different versions of the Orson Welles clips. I commented on all of these things and my impressions of radio noir in a post yesterday.

I found the audio assignments to all be fun, but definitely time consuming. I made the mistake of starting my sound effects story late last night and then I was so into what I was doing that I stayed up later than I had intended working on it. It was really difficult thinking about every little sound made throughout a scene in a movie or radio program. I felt like I had to keep adding sounds. I also had fun with the other two audio assignments I completed, Make ‘em Laugh and Dramatic Reading Remix. I think that I found all of the audio assignments the most enjoyable part of the assignments this week.

I also made  a radio bumper, which was an assignment I didn’t particularly enjoy, cause I struggled to come up with a good idea for a bumper. I guess I could have used a little more inspiration here.

In looking at weeks to come I started toying with the idea of maybe doing a soap opera radio show.  I know I love soap operas and find their over dramatic nature really fun and I think creating a radio show out of that could be really fun, but also have many of the noir atmospheres required.

I ended up liking audio week a lot more than I expected. I guess I need to be more open-minded about the different kinds of assignments we are doing, cause maybe I will like the ones I am not used to.

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