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Live Tweets = Mad Followers

See what I did with the title?  It could mean live tweets = angered followers OR it could mean live tweets = a lot more followers.  These were both true in my case.  My best friend follows my ds106 twitter and was quite confused and annoyed by my constant tweeting while listening to ds106 radio on Tuesday night, but on the bright side I gained like 13 new followers and that makes me happy! :D

This tweet just about sums up my thoughts on ds106 radio.  It was a really cool way to experience noir.  The sound effects and the tones of the voices are definitely what made the story pop.  The sound effects (except the inappropriate laughing!) pushed the story forward and the dramatic music helped set the mood of the scene. Sound effects, music, and the dialogue in any film or video are what makes it.  I never realized how much influence audio had on basically everything until this week.  The eerie music and real life sound effects just created such an environment that the listener (myself) was able to create a picture in my head of what was going on and when you’re only listening to an audio of something, it’s critical to create something that will allow the listener to do that.  Even tweet-along me thought these things while listening!

I was so interested and involved with tweeting and keeping up with the story that was being told, that these were my exact thoughts at 10pm.  (I retweeted this tweet, it was way too accurate.)

I will admit, I’m not a very good multitasker when it comes to listening and typing at the same time so I didn’t really catch the gist of the story besides the fact that there was an expensive bird and people kept getting killed off.  I don’t know what the bird was for but I’m sure it was wanted because it was so expensive.  I did catch this though…

Which is a very true statement.  I thought the music really did a good job of setting the mood (as stated before) for each scene and (again) the sound effects helped with the action and things that were going on during each scene.  At the end of the broadcast they mentioned that on Monday there will be a broadcast of “Are Husbands Necessary?” and I think I might have to tune into that because it sounds funny and I would like to see what these women have to say about that subject.  because for me…

Overall, I enjoyed listening to the radio station and will probably check back often to see what’s going down!  It’s really cool to see how different watching something is from listening to it, but I like the challenge of creating scenes in my head so the audio was fun :)

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