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Lukas Jones

Character Introduction:
Lukas Jones was born on January 7th, 1990 in the city of Manhattan, New York. Lukas Jones was orphaned at no more than 3 weeks old. He was left on the door step of the local foster home and has been alone ever since. Lukas is a very cynical person. He hates almost everyone he meets, and is only concerned about the well being of himself and himself only. He lives on the streets, as a modern day delinquent, getting into fights almost every day. What happens when he becomes cursed? Cursed with the ability to move through time and space against his will, only to be brought back when he completes a duty. Duties that are given to him by someone he meets in a time period. One day, after he has gotten in one of the biggest fights of his life, he is taken back to the year 1947, given the task to become a detective and solve the crimes of Manhattan, New York City. How will this modern, cynical delinquent fair when he is told to become a hero of the past?

Character Description:
Lukas Jones is about 6’5 with broad shoulders and long legs, usually covered by a long black trench coat. He has short auburn hair and brown eyes. He walks the streets never without a pack of cigars in his pocket.

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