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Lukas Jones’s Trip to the Past

Here is my Sound Effects Story that is 3 1/2 points.
It was really fun to make but it was definitely harder than the radio bumper. I had to search for sounds on and it was hard to find the exact sounds I wanted. I got all my sounds and began importing them into Audacity when the sounds would just appear at the front and I didn’t know how to move them to the places I wanted. One of my major things that aided me in understanding Audacity was YouTube tutorials. I found out how to move audio and how to make it flow together.
If I could go back, I would probably search for better audio of heavy breathing. I looked all throughout the website but I couldn’t find audio better than the one I ended up with. Also, I would try to find a way to make everything flow better. It started off really choppy but after some editing it’s good but still choppy.

The Story Behind the Sound
In my character dossier, I explain that my character time traveled into the past so, I wanted to show the process through sound. It starts of with a fight that Lukas and another character get into. He runs down the stairs and it shot back in time to a restaurant. The car horn and another “swooshing” noise are meant to be sounds that indicated his time travel. I tried to find other noises but I thought it would be interesting to use a noise similar to the “Jumper” film and have a city sound mixed with it.

If I had a stronger knowledge of Audacity, I would probably add more things to make it longer with a better flow. If I had more time I would probably add more noises to the ending and switch out some sounds. I might want to experiment with sounds outside of next time I do something like this. It was a lot of work but, it was fun to find sounds and mix them to make the time travel short audio story come to life.


Here are the sounds I used
Shocked Reactions

Escaping Downstairs
Silent Night
Jazz Atmosphere
Gun Shot
Car Horn
Gasp After A Run

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