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Margaret Pinault

Margaret Pinault was born on February 17, 1921 in Danain, France. Most people know her as “The Black Widow”. Born to Pierre and Camille Pinault, Margaret was an only child. Her father worked in the factories in the city of Paris, a long two hour commute each way. Camille was a teacher until Margaret was born. Camille¬†then became a house wife and watched over Margaret until she started school and finally returned back to teaching once again.

Margaret¬†always was quiet but flirty and outgoing when she wanted to be. She was skinny and petite, at 5’7″, and always had black somewhere in her outfit. With blue eyes and soft black hair, boys were always intrigued by her but Margaret was very picky and rarely dated throughout her teenage years.

After high school, Margaret moved into the city and began working multiple jobs to afford her life. She was a waitress, seamstress, and secretary all at once while barely making ends meet. In her rare free time, Margaret loved to draw. She drew on anything she could get her hands on. One day, an art collector came into her coffee shop and saw her drawing. As he was so blown away by her talent, he immediately offered her a job as an artist and offered her space to present her art at his studio . Margaret, shocked and overwhelmed, quit all of her jobs and went to work for this mystery art collector.

Margaret and the mystery art collector, named Mathieu Gaston, the millionaire art collector, entered a whirlwind romance and quickly wed without her parent’s permission or approval. Margaret was blind with love so she couldn’t see the abusive nature that took over their relationship soon after the wedding. Mathieu was controlling and manipulative over Margaret. One day, in a fit of rage, Mathieu destroyed two of Margaret’s brand new pieces, leaving her in tears. That was the breaking point: Margaret had had enough. Margaret goes into the woods and discovers ivy berries, berries that are lethal when consumed. So, that night for desert, Margaret makes a fruit torte cake with the ivy berries mixed in. She watches him devour the first bite and within seconds, he is on the floor, dead. Margaret then calls the police, claiming that Mathieu has had a heart attack. When the police arrive, Margaret is sobbing next to her husband’s corpse.

Margaret worked hard to have a good image at her husband’s funeral later that week, crying constantly and being thankful for everyone’s condolences. Not more than a month later, Margaret is at a bar, watching Jean Gerrard, owner of the country’s most expensive vineyard. She waits to make her move and….

Tune in to hear more about Margaret.

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