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Married to the Mob.

Vinny D's Bag

If you were to approach Vinny D and ask him, “What’s in Your Bag?“, it might be the last questions you ever ask.  Or you may get an honest answer.  Either way, it should come as no surprise that Vinny keeps things simple.  He doesn’t carry a bag; what kind of man would that make him?  All of his mobster buddies would lose all respect for him.  Until of course, he earned it back!

His favorite snub nose pistol, a knife, pen, lighter, cash, keys and his lucky poker chip are the contents of this man’s pockets. These are just a few pieces of Vinny’s favorite things in life; money, , guns, cash and cars.

Keys: Vinny always has his keys.  I mean, you never know when he is going to need to flee the scene or get out of town.  You won’t see Vin in anything but luxury.

Poker Chip: This lucky poker chip goes everywhere with Vinny.  He won this as his first chip at a Japanese-owned casino and has carried it everywhere with him ever since.  He swears up and down that this thing has saved his life numerous times.  He coined it his “Lucky” poker chip after he was shot and survived.

Lighter: Vincenzo DeMartino should own stock in cigars because he smokes so many.  Any time of day, any day of the week, a fine cigar will be hanging out of his mouth.  And he doesn’t borrow lighters like the rest of us.  You never know how or when someone could be setting him up.

Wallet: Vinny always has cash.  He always says, “money talks”. No man, especially not a high up mobster like Vin, can talk something this big and not live it.  If you bet money with Vinny D, you better have a pocket full.

Pen: Vinny’s favorite pen is for signing big deals.  Much like his lighter, he only uses his own.

Gun: Vin’s famous snub nose is what earned him his nickname, Vinny D.  His best buddy Leo calls him “Vinny D Monsta” because he never hesitates to bust a cap in someone for crossing him or the mob over.  He always has his piece, and he prefers the snub nose because it is easier to conceal.

Knife: The knife is back up.  If Vinny runs out of ammo or somehow loses track of his gun, he always has a spare weapon so he can spare his life.

Vinny D doesn’t mess around.  The daily contents of his pocket are meaningful and to the point.

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