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Meet Veronica

Veronica is a 22 year-old lounge singer from Clarkson, Missouri. She is 5’9″, curvy figure with long wavy red hair and blue eyes. She doesn’t wear much make-up but always has on eyeliner, mascara and red lip stick. For short her friends call her “Red” because of her hair and the lipstick. She can always be seem wearing a dress and her favorite pair of slip-in pumps.

Living in the year 1942, Veronica is immersed in the culture of her time. She was born and raised in Clarkson, Missouri a small town of only a few hundred. Veronica works as a singer in one of the few lounges in the area. One day she aspires to be a famous singer in New York or California, or maybe even travel with the USO as a singer. Overall she doesn’t care where she goes as long as there’s singing and adventure… both of which can not be found in Clarkson. Veronica’s loves to read, go to the movies and listen to radio shows. These things give her excitement and take her to a place outside her hometown. She lives my the famous Amelia Earhart quote: “Adventure is Worthwhile”.

I came up with the idea for Veronica by taking various things about myself, my interests, and hobbies and combining them. I have always had a love for music, and an interest with the 1940’s (history and fashion wise). Once I found the idea of a lounge singer and gave her a name, the rest just kind of happened. Like Veronica, I also lived in a fairly small town and wanted for years to leave. Unlike Veronica, I moved.

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