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The sound effects of Hollywood came from the men who worked there. Sound was new and exciting adventure because a lot of it was experimenting with different things. These men came up with different techniques to develop the sounds of Noir Films. Even though people who reviewed these films would call them Melodrama’s because of their fast paced action. These movies would later be known as Noir Films. The scenes would also depict the sounds that these creators would come up with. If it were a nightclub there would be female singers in the background to help with the effect of the stage. Thugs, gang members would hang out at these places to have a central but not exclusive location for all of the bad guys. As these concepts developed, so did the technology. In 1970 Dolby created a crisper sound that audiences could hear with in the theaters making sound all that more important. Films such as “star wars” (George Lucas, 1977) could have clean sound because of history and the technology of this industry. Sound plays an important role in a film and especially Film Noir.

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