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M’eye Yodeling and Saturday “Festivities”

I’m going to do this out of order here, for the sake of parallel structure with this post’s title.

I was a bit creeped out by what I’d like to call the Wall of Eyes. But still, I obliged for the sake of Daily Create.

Iris eye may, Iris eye might.

I don’t really think there’s much to develop for this particular Daily Create, I took a picture of my eye in a rather dimly lit room, and my hand was shaking a bit when I took it.  I used the front-facing camera, and this is how it came out. Ta-da!

Yodeling was the most fun Daily Create. I even posted the video I used to teach myself to Yodel:


I had a lot of fun with that video, especially since it used Scooby Doo as a learning tool.  I love Scooby Doo, as you can see in the collage I made of my Saturday for that Daily Create.

My Saturday

I had a bit of trouble with this one, to be quite honest. I took my pictures throughout the day, easy enough. But when it came time to collage them, I thought that Flickr would be of some use. It seemed like other students’ collages were turning out well, so I hoped there could be some easy to use templates or tools at Flickr.
Well, that would have been fine if my internet connection hadn’t been so wonky that night. I started trying to upload, and pressed “Upload” for my 10 pictures at 23:07 EST, but waited for 40 minutes, unsuccessfully, to see they had not shown up on my Flickr account.
Drastic action time. I scour my computer, but all I can find is the less-than-helpful Windows Live Photo Gallery. It said I needed to install a new plugin from Microsoft Research for collage software. So I did that. [My internet was fine for this? I really don’t understand how my ISP controls my bandwidth (it’s satellite, they do–it’s in the contract), but there was some weird stuff going on that night.] So I get that downloaded and installed, and press the “Ta-da” button.  Crap.
That picture was atrocious. I took both landscape and portrait  photos, and the software couldn’t determine how to arrange them.
In my hurry to get this Daily Create posted by midnight, I discovered I had Microsoft Surface Collage installed.
…I don’t own a Surface. Far from it, it’s behemoth of a laptop. A Dell XPS 15 (yes, the one with the motherboard issues. No, I can’t play any 3D games on it as a result).
So I brought Surface Collage up, selected my photos, and then arranged them as you see above, and posted it.  I may or may not have missed my mark of midnight, but I got something presentable posted around then, so I was thrilled that my hour of internet-connection-from-hell had passed.

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