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My Approach to the Visuals of Storytelling

Ever since I was a little girl I’ve liked taking pictures. My first memory of “staging” a photo was when I was in lower elementary school. I used to run around with my dad’s Polaroid camera and set up scenes to take a picture of. More the 15 years later I still take a great deal of photos. They range from the casual hanging with friends quick pictures to the more framed and detail oriented. Now in days I find myself taking a lot of landscape or nature shots. Most of the time I’ll be walking, or driving, along and see something that would make a great photo. Some of my best photos, although I am no professional, come from spare of the moment planning. Although it is spare of the moment I do take into account my framing and lighting of the picture. Just because its spare of the moment doesn’t mean that perfect moment can’t live on in a photo. Usually I do not strive to capture a certain meaning in my photos, however I do try to capture a feeling. When I take a photo, especially a landscape scene, I try to make it so someone viewing the photo later on can feel like they were actually seeing what I saw. With the same beauty and through the same lens. When it comes to noir I will definitely have to take a different approach in the lighting and framing departments. Lighting wise because I am not used to setting a dark, mysterious mood or familiar with shadows. And framing because, I am not that used to planning/ staging a noir photo. The various obscure angles and use of reflections I see in many noir photos will be a new and interesting aspect to me.

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