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My Life as a “Photographer”

I don’t know much about photography but it is something I have been getting more and more into. I took a photoshop class last semester and that is where my interest for photography started to grow. I don’t own a camera except for the camera on my iPhone. I had the opportunity to use my roommates Canon DSLR for a few of my projects in my photoshop  class and it was fun getting to use a really nice camera. I do not take a lot of pictures. If I do its always on my phone. I really like taking pictures of landscapes and bodies of water. I love the water so generally when I’m near the ocean or a lake I will take a picture. I do not have a particular approach when taking pictures I just take whatever looks photo worthy and move on. Since I do not take many pictures of people its hard for me to capture a feeling or meaning.  I do not put much thought in my pictures, I just take them as I see them. After reviewing the resources, I realized that there is so much more to photography than just snapping good lucking pictures. Each photograph should tell a story. For me, I think I need to evaluate what I’m taking a picture of before taking the picture. I need to answer questions for myself like, what is going on here? Who or what is involved? What is the overall feeling or meaning behind this? After reviewing these resources, I will take whats going on in my photographs more into account.

Here are two pictures I took at my home lake, Smith Mountain Lake



As you can probably tell, I like sunsets…

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