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My Thoughts on the Visuals of Storytelling

I never used to be very interested in picture taking as a child. I would never ask for a phone with a camera on it or any pictures, or did I care pictures people would show me. It was not until about my sophomore year of high school when I became interested in photography. This is because when I played baseball my hitting coach would take frame by frame pictures of my swing. This would help me with my game so that is when I decided to invest in a camera phone.

My experience with my swing pictures turned into me being active in the photography world. I started using my camera phone to take pictures of a lot of stuff (mostly goofy pictures). I would take pictures of my friends posing weird, funny signs I saw, Ironic situations, and myself making weird faces. My approach to taking these photos would be for the people I was taking the picture of to not see it or not be expecting me to take the picture. This approach was used to capture the humor and surprise in a picture. I would say I have been pretty successful at it because I have a lot of friends who are not too happy that I captured them in a certain picture.

After I reviewed the elements on the noir106 website I would say that the most useful thing I could do to improve my pictures would be to find something that stands out in the picture that makes them keep looking at it. Like Jason Eskenazi said there is a picture that has a lady with a band-aid on and it gets you thinking about the band-aid. Without me even seeing the picture I was wondering about all the  possibilities as of why the  band-aid was on the finger. It could have been burnt, cut, blistered, severed, etc.. That idea got me thinking that in my pictures I need to find something that gets people to stop and look longer at my photo.

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