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New Angles, New Photos

I’ve been attempting new photography tips from the ds106 website. Here are the techniques I tried and the photos that were a result:

1. Foreground vs. Background: I used the foreground as the focus of the photo instead of the background. This picture was taken at Belmont here in Fredericksburg earlier this week. I liked the organic texture, and tried to play around with what was in focus vs what wasn’t.

2. Angles: This time, I used a different angle in conjunction with lighting to, I hope, come up with an interesting photo. Again, this was taken at Belmont early in the week.

3. The Rule of Three: I attempted to keep the rule of three in mind to create a balanced image.

Special thanks to: for providing all the necessary tips and tricks to make this post possible. I really liked the ideas that were provided on this site and will continue to use them in the future.

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