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Newspaper Design

3 Stars

newspaperWhen I first saw this assignment it didn’t catch my attention, but when I saw it again on the assignment back I was inspired. I realized that I could make this assignment about my character, Veronica’s, hometown. She was born and raised in the rural town of Clarkson, Missouri. This is the front page of their newspaper The Clarkson Tribune. With the help of Microsoft publisher I choose the template and it grew from there. I knew I wanted large events to be on the front page. So first I created a local farmer’s market (whats a small rural town without one). I created it in detail and added a photo of a previous years contest winner to give the article a human touch. Next I added Veronica into the paper. I featured her singing in the Hideaway Lounge for Friday night entertainment. Lastly to give this paper more of a realistic look I added an “Inside this paper” column complete with other local stories and news. I even added the weekends weather like newspapers did back in the days before television. Enjoy the front cover.

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