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#nodaysoff, A Look into Week Two

Well, I’ve survived week two. I now know what the professors mean when they say ds106 is life because it sure felt like it this week. I am a very slow reader and do not like to read in general so I was having to stay very disciplined in finishing all of the readings. I feel like I have a better understanding of noir now just from this week. Like I mentioned in my #noirreadings post, ( this style of writing and film is not my favorite. I am not big into murder mysteries because I want to know about everything that is going on but I can’t with these. I also stated that as the semester goes on, I hope to find the readings more and more exciting.

I really enjoyed doing the #characterdossier and creating Johnny Corner Pocket. I fell more and more in love with the character as I was creating him. It was fun to bring him to life. I’m excited to get to use him more as the semester unfolds.

I completed 8 points worth of writing assignments. I enjoyed the different prompts we got to choose from. Each of them were unique in their own way.

I chose the “Tell us about your future life” assignment worth 3 points…

I also did the “write your way into history” assignment worth 2 points and pretended I was a part of walking on the moon with the Apollo 11 mission….

Then I did the required assignment and chose to write an alternate ending to The Killers worth 3 points…

The daily creates have been my favorite thing to do so far! I have enjoyed each of them and look forward to doing them when I can.

I have customized my blog and am making it my own but I am still not satisfied with it just yet. I still need to play around with some themes and see what I like the most/ what looks the best. I am excited week two is over but I am also excited to start week three.


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