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Noir Audio: A Touch of Evil Sound Effects

I listened to the first version of “Touch of Evil” with the street sounds first and noticed a more clearer audio (personally).  My first impression was a more interactive environment that blended everything together making me feel as if I was a part of it instead of simply observing it from the outside looking in.  I could hear the bomb ticking, the quick footsteps of the bomber compared to the unsuspecting couple and for me, it truly set the mood. You could anticipate the bomb blast but not really know when it would happen.  As for the second version with the theme music, I liked it but preferred the first version.  The theme music over powered the scene.  You could see what was happening, but it felt like it was missing something.  However, it did make the car explosion much more surprising and intense.

I believe the main goal of sound in relation to a story is to not necessarily be used as filler but as a tool to draw in the audience.  It sets the mood and makes you feel anxious wondering whats going to happen next.  The best example I could use to depict this is the build up right before the car explosion in “Touch of Evil”

In this clip you hear casual conversation and the atmosphere is so relax the characters don’t even realize the ticking of the bomb. The only one that does notice is the woman but no one pays her any attention.  The scene then pans away from her giving the impression there’s nothing to worry about until the car explodes.  I observed this as an example of what happens in daily life (not car bombs, but being unaware).  There is so much activity happening at once some things get over looked. It’s a little more relate able than a jazzy score playing in the background. Not as entertaining but unfortunately life isn’t a musical.

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