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Noir Characters and Murder Readings WS2

This is my weekly summary for my second week in the ds106 ‘noir 106′ class and so far I am enjoying every story I’ve read and found the Writing Assignments this week very enjoyable to create and write about.

Daily Creates:
Cat playing a Synthesizer in Space
Eye Selfie
Collage of My Day

Readings/Writing Assignments:
About Page
Readings Blog Post
Character Dossier
Write An Alternative Ending
Monologue Of A Household Tool
Whats In A Name
I also downloaded the three plugins the class was assigned to activate this week; Jetpack, Akismet, and Subscribe to Comments Reloaded. I also moderated comments on my blog and have my official blog name as “GP Library”.

I feel that I completed my assignments well. The one thing that I do need to keep reminding myself to do is to comment on other blog sites and to write on my other sites like Twitter. Before this class, I didn’t have any of the online accounts needed for this class. I only had an email account and a Facebook account, so being a presence on multiple media sites is new to me and I’m trying to adjust. I’m going to set myself up to comment at least once a day on a site. Learning to embed images and videos into my blog posts and how to add plugins onto my blog site were very useful tools that I learned about this week. My favorite assignment this week, and definitely the one I spent the most time on, was my character dossier for my original noir character, Shelley Layton. I hope that we keep writing about our characters in the weeks to come so I can develop her more as a character and maybe have original characters from the noir106 groups interact with each other.

a couple of the places I commented:
Flickr 1Flickr 2Flickr 3, Twitter
I also changed my Youtube channel name

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