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noir downpour ( caution: this post does not use caps)

although i was late to the party, week one: bootcamp of noir (ds106) was not too exhausting for me. i worked through the assignments quickly, in hopes of reaching the fun part- getting to explore noir media.

it was easy enough to create a wordpress, flickr, vimeo, and second twitter account- the only assignment i found challenging was to make a recording on soundcloud, as i, like many, am not accustomed to the sound of my own voice. The recording, located below, is also a feature of my introductory post– along with several other forms of jada media.

i accomplished this voice recording in less than a minute. not bad for four seconds worth of sound.

side note: my very helpful instructor told me that soundcloud will let you record without any equipment, ¬†through soundcloud itself. one need only hit the ‘upload’ button, and soundcloud will guide through the rest.

you can tell by the glitch in my recording that this is exactly what i did (the glitch is sort of neat, though).

once i finished up my nice to meet you post, it was on to the good stuff: noir exploration.

having already seen three of the five to six things on the list of noir to experience (dark knight, sin city, watchmen) , i decided to take a risk and watch, for the first time, a full episode of pretty little liars (the shadow play episode).

to avoid this post turning into a detailed review of the program, i will keep it short and say that i was intrigued enough to watch the next episode- if i hadn’t fallen asleep, i may even have watched another.

p.s! if you have netflix, you can watch the episode there- season four, episode 19.

i was glad to see welcome to night vale on the list, as it was something i had always heard about, but never went out of my way to listen to. i was appreciative of the extra push, even though i find it difficult to focus on podcasts- reading is more in my comfort zone. that said, i found night vale to be poetic, dark, and imaginative.

finally, i was thankful to read an article that took the time to outline what some characteristics of noir actually have been/ might be. this can be found here, mostly on pages ten and eleven.

all in all i was excited about the various oppurtunities to be pushed out of my comfort zone this week (setting up so many accounts on so many sites was also a big step for me), and to be priveleged enough to go to school, own a laptop, and know what the word ‘noir’ means.





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