straight down the line

Noir….on the metro and everywhere else. But mostly on the metro.

Me, reading all my noir assignments on the metro, everyday. Just add about 150 more people on a dirty metro and this will be accurate.

I’ll be honest, I’m a busy person. Between debate and school and the newspaper, plus two jobs, I’ve become the queen of multi tasking. It’s really quite a talent and is how I am able to do so much. Which is why, the people on the metro probably think I am really weird reading and taking selfies of my eye and trying to photoshop on my laptop while sitting there. But I don’t really care what they think, because I really like this class. This week, we did a lot of readings about noir. I reflected on them here. It was a lot. Like a lot. I’m a political science major, and we read a lot, but that was a lot. Maybe I’m just out of practice. I got to write an alternative ending from one of our readings. You can see that here.

I also did so many daily creates. I did my eyes, a cat in space, and a collage of my day (which happens to be the only day I spent the whole day ONLY doing debate work).

I also did my writing assignments. These were pretty time consuming, but they really allowed for me to express myself in some weird and interesting ways, which is something that doesn’t happen in a lot of classes. I got to apologize to Jonathan via Haiku for being late, write a poem using twitter hashtags and write a monologue as if I am a lightbulb/lamp (that post also featured a Minions gif which is AWESOME).

I also got to create my own character. Her name is Bev. I’m actually really excited about what we get to do with these characters throughout the semester, even though I think it will take some time to get used to talking from someone else’s perspective.

I don’t think this week was too challenging, but I definitely think that WMATA is going to start to worry about me as I do more daily creates in the middle of the metro or during my lunch break.

Some featured tweets from this week:



That time I shamelessly re-tweeted the B&GP new website from every twitter account I run:

And that time I wanted to do anything that WAS NOT debate work for once this weekend:

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