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Noir Photography…and Cats!

I really enjoyed the overall theme for this week in class! Taking photographs is a stress-relieving activity for me and an activity I do daily. I feel that I sufficiently accomplished the class assignments given to me this week. The only thing I had trouble understanding was why the number of stars an assignment is worth changes randomly. I created one of my assignments when it was worth four stars and when I checked the assignment details later, the assignment was worth two stars. Can people change how much an assignment is at random or can only professors/assignment creators alter their value? It didn’t matter to me because I had done an extra assignment, but I worry about someone completing an assignment early in the week, not checking on the assignment later in the week, and the star value decreasing to where they don’t complete the minimum requirement for the week.

I enjoyed using the black and white as well as the noir filter on my camera because I had never used these filters on my camera before. My favorite assignment was the Photo Safari because I was always on the look out for something that would be considered noir. It helped me look more closely at the effects of light and shadow on everyday scenes and people. I learned how to edit images in Powerpoint and about the noir elements of film and photography by watching noir movies. One of my other favorite assignments was watching Killer’s Kiss because I watched it with two classmates and we would comment on ‘how noir’ the scenes were and the moodiness of the main characters back-stories. I will probably collaborate with classmates in the future on assignments similar to this one to complete the work with a different perspective. A larger issue of my work is that I work on my assignments during the week, but then don’t upload them until the weekend and this is something I should definitely correct.

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