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Noir Than Your Average Introduction 2   Recently updated!

Hello! My name is Sarah Kinzer. I’m a freshman at UMW, and I’m excited to be taking DS106 this semester! I plan on pursuing an English major as well as a minor in Digital Studies. My longterm goal is to be an Executive Creative Director at an advertising agency. I think this class will be a great way to get acquainted with the ins and outs of working with digital media.

As an eighteen year old in this digital age, I already have several social media sites set up, so the only new sites I created for this course were a Flickr and a Soundcloud (as well as my UMW domain, of course.) In this post I will highlight intrinsic parts of my identity through posts on these various social media sites.



I generally use my Twitter as a space to make jokes and showcase my unserious side. These particular tweets reflect my sense of humor and established tweeting style.


This is my very first YouTube video that I made when I was fourteen years old. Despite this video being ancient by digital terms, I still feel that it represents an important part of me: the part which believes in the romance between Jim and Pam from The Office more than anything else in life. I chose “Roll Up” by Wiz Khalifa as the soundtrack to this video because I felt that the song reflected the conflict between Jim and Pam’s fiancé, Roy. Also, I originally didn’t realize that there were any subtextual references to illegal substances in the song. #ChildhoodRuined


happy new year

technical problems

In the spirit of film noir, I decided to go with black and white photos for my first few Flickr posts. (Flicks? Fleeks? Flotographs?) These two particular photographs illustrate some of my reservations about unquestioningly embracing digital means of communication. While I enjoy digital commodities and environments, I think it’s important to think about how sustainable, safe, and healthy it is for a society to depend so heavily on electronic devices.


One of my favorite hobbies is creating music. The biggest challenge about this is that I can’t sing well. However, that doesn’t stop me from posting original creations and covers of songs online. Though I typically post songs on YouTube and my bandcamp page, I have posted a couple of covers so far on my newly created Soundcloud page.

This has been a masterpost of most of my social media sites! My main website is right here at Click here for links and a more complete list of my online spaces. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to reply below or tweet me at @karahsinzer ! Can’t wait to begin working with you!

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