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Now Introducing… Lena

My character for the week is named Alena Klara Meyers (aka, Lena). She was born on December 7th, 1991 in Windsor, NY. She is currently a veterinarian student studying at Cornell University. Although originally born one hour away from Cornell in Windsor, NY, her parents have since moved to Scotland with her two young siblings. She is single and lives in a two bedroom apartment with her best friend, Shannon, who is also in vet school at Cornell. She loves working out (especially running), working with children, and frequently going to concerts for indie artists. Her closed-off nature and tendency to put up walls has kept Lena single for many years.

She is a 5’7″ slender woman with shoulder-length brown hair that has soft curls. Her eyes are dark blue and are accentuated by long eye lashes. She has an olive skin tone with no blemishes and a square shaped face but with soft curves.

A few of her favorites things include:
Food – pizza
Drink – coffee
Color- maroon
Book – The Catcher In The Rye
Movie – Taken
Possession – A ring passed from her great great grandmother down her mom’s lineage
Quote/Motto – “If not now, then when?”

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