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On the Radio – uh oh

This whole day every time I think about radio I keep getting Regina Spektor’s ‘On the Radio’ stuck in my head, hence the title.

Anyway, here’s my radio bumper. The music might seem a bit familiar cause I used the song Groom has on his blog trailer. I thought it sounded super spooky and perfect for the noir theme. Then there’s my dumb cheery voice. I tried to say it in different ways, but cheery turned out the best and ounded the least like I had a cold. And then bang! Crash! The lightning flash! (thunder at the end)

I think the biggest problem I had with this was the fear of hearing my own voice recorded. It’s a funny fear to have guess, but it’s a fear nonetheless. I got over that hurdle though after mentally preparing myself for a minute before recording. Other than that I enjoyed the assignment. It was fun to see the different directions everyone went in with the same prompt. Here’s a screenshot of my layers:

bumper screenshot

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