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Once Upon an October…


“Dear Sweet Child of Mine Megan”

Thus began the letter that changed everything. Post marked 21, October. 2014. God, doesn’t that seem like a lifetime ago.

First I must say I loved the so spoopy jokes….”

I’m sure she did. I clutch the well read note and close my eyes. I can almost hear my friend guffaw to my puns. A tear wells in my eye. They were hilarious.

I have recently discovered the artist Hozier…it speaks to me so I highly suggest you give him a listen!”

I listened to that buffoon the same day I got her note. Oh, friend. Hozier may speak to you but I feel asleep because I was tired and he put me to sleep. I never knew if that was a good or a bad sign.  Probably bad, I think. Maybe. But then Coldplay does the same thing so I mean…

“Now I leave you with a quote about this magical holiday that is upon us…”

Girlfriend used a Shakespeare quote…. she even spelled Shakespeare correctly. I typed Shakespeare and spell check didn’t know what I was trying to spell. This note! So class- so poetic… so beautiful.

“Stay Funky, Stay Fresh…”

She ended the note on the most lilting of tones, full of hope and aspirations for the future of funk. How could she have known? How could she have known that not only did I stay funky, I stayed fresh. She would be so proud. However could she have know that I would fulfill her wishes?

It’s been a fortnight since I’ve seen my friend. The wind rattles the blinds on my windows and because I’m too busy wallowing in the chill of the wind, I don’t close the windows. Also because they’re across the room and I’m in a blanket.

If only there was a way to impart to her all that I feel- all that I’ve overcome! I pick up my phone…

“Yo- just read your Halloween note again. Am totes livin’ funky and fresh.”

I hit send. There. She made me live funky and fresh. Damn it all, I’m going to live funky and fresh.

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