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One does not simply stop procrastinating

Wow! This was a busy week. To start off we were introduced to some noir reading. Despite popular believe noir is not just for film. We were given a list of choices to read, and I chose to read The Killers by Ernest Hemingway, The Postman Always Rings, and The Shadow. I enjoyed reading all of them, but did get a little confused during The Shadow. It seemed to jump in mid scene and I couldn’t ever really get up to speed with what was going on. On top of reading these scripts, and short stories, we had to follow up by reporting what some of the common themes or tropes we were starting to see. I honestly could not get past the fact that these stories all had these outrageous plot twists or occurances, that were so farfetched that I was honestly snorting upon reading them. I talked about all of this in my post below. Along with reading and reporting, we also had to change the ending of one of the readings, so I chose to do The Postman Always Rings. Mostly because I didn’t feel the main characters got what they justly deserved.

After completing that assignment we were tasked with the job of creating a character dossier. I decided to make mine a chic, sexy, Spanish woman from Barcelona. I’m not sure if I did too much in the bio section of the assignment, but I basically gave her a whole backstory. Also, I developed more of the story for one of my assignments in the “Assignment Bank.” I REALLY like the Assignment Bank. I love that the instructors give us so many choices to choose from, and each is vastly different from the last so if we want to avoid a certain subject such as Haikus (I will never understand those) we don’t have to deal with it at all.

Each assignment from the assignment bank is worth a certain amount of points. We had to reach 8 points total for this week. The assignments I chose were:

  1. TV Guide Remix
  2. Your DigiArt Tells A Story
  3. What’s In A Name?
  4. Tarantino Your Story

These were really fun to create and I’ve already had several people comment on a couple of them (thanks to Groom for retweeting one of them!). It’s always really nice getting feedback and positive comments on your hard work. You can find each of these assignments in my previous posts or posts below.

Can you believe that we got assigned even more?!

After all of those assignments were complete we got introduced to a new “assignment” we would have to keep up with every week called “Daily Creates.” These are even more fun than the Assignment Bank. It maybe A LOT and I mean A LOT of work but it is all fun things. You can make it fun if you dig around a bit and find what you are interested in.

The 3 Daily Creates I did this week were:

  1. Collaging Your Day
  2. Make an Eye Selfie
  3. You? Yodel? Yep!

Unfortunately I did not bother checking on my DS106 homework until Thursday night so I played catch up with the Daily Creates these past five days. I was panicking that they would only be posted Monday through Friday and I that I was screwed. But thanks to having kick-ass professors they post them everyday!

After we had ALL assignments done we had to customize our blogs even further. We needed to make unique backgrounds and styles of the web layout. We needed to install several applications that block spam, and allow us to connect and post to other forms of social media. We needed to rename our blogs something creative and eye catching. I hope mine is not too “out there” but I guess I’ll eventually get email if it is. After racing to get all of these things done in a short amount of time I was sure to do my comments as well for this week. I know it felt really good getting feedback on my work, so I figured I should return the favor to some of my peers.

I commented on:


I didn’t comment on very many so I will definitely have to work on that some more next week. My goal next week is to comment on two people’s posts once a day!

This has been an exhilarating and somewhat chaotic week (for me at least because I was playing catch up) but it was so fun. I love being creative and I love that the instructors give us so many options to explore this creativity. Fun week in all!


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