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Out of Cat’s Bag

One of the three visual assignments for this week (this one being three stars) was to think of the essential items that our noir character would carry in their bag, and more importantly carry with them throughout the day-to-day activities of their lives. So how ’bout we let the Cat out of the bag in an effort to try to get to know the real her? Which she doesn’t often let a lot of people do, but luckily you’ve got me to give you the inside scoop ;).

To start off, this is Cat’s actual bag. A simple, medium sized two-toned satchel. Just like how its tan and white on the outside, it mirrors how Cat appears black and white to most people, but there’s a lot more “gray-ish” details to be found on the inside.

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The first on her list of must have possessions is the leather-bound journal. Without the two most important men in her life, she seldom feels confident in confiding in anyone else and thus utilizes this journal as she attempts to figure out her twisted-around-pineapple-upside-down life. She also keeps it as a daily log for her activities outside of her day-job-in-the-evening, which you, the reader, will discover as her story develops throughout the course. It is no coincidence that a decorative key lies on the outside of it, as Cat rarely lets people in, keeping most of her thoughts and quite frankly her life locked away.

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Next is a small bejeweled lipstick case. It doesn’t just pack a punch of color that makes the boys turn as savage as bulls when they see the red but it also has a protective quality to it that aids in her protecting against the dangers that come with the other side of her life. Again, no spoilers quite yet …


Also in the bag is a gold chained necklace with an arrow charm on it, given to her by her father on that fateful day she met Beau … the day that, unbeknownst to her, her father was most proud of his daughter. Cat only wears it on the most special of occasions.


Speaking of Beau, Cat also keeps reminders of her dear friend always with her. She tucks the most recent of his postcards, which are few and far between, away into the side pocket, along with a Polaroid of him that her dad candidly snapped on their prom night at that exact moment he saw her (One of Wally’s favorite past times was photography, and this photo is particularly special since it reminds Cat of both of the two most important men in her life). Any emotions she ever almost-experienced as she and Beau grew older and closer are kept zipped up tight, locked away and out of sight; but perhaps one day, if Beau returns home, they’ll get to begin again from all those unanswered “what ifs” of the past.

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