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For my Audio Assignment Sound effect story ( 3 1/2 stars) I made a short video that covers the sounds that Edie hears one night. This occurs with one of my other stories for her– The one that takes place in my post a canary.

In order to do this assignment I use GarageBand. The sound effects that I chose included an old phone ringing, thunder, a woman scream, gunshots, heavy footsteps, and dramatic piano. The piano and the thunder were included in GarageBand, but the phone, woman, and gunshots were off from YouTube. I Added these affects to GarageBand and overlapped some of the sounds, then converted that to an iTunes song and uploaded it to sound cloud. There is also a random background noise from GarageBand in this that I thought I added a special Erie tone.



I forgot the name of whoever’s blog I was reading, but I found that during this post I had some common problems. I was trying to listen to sound effects and I kept getting creeped out and had to take breaks. I kept thinking that my parents are going to hear the screams downstairs and come running up to see if I was okay. But I closed my door and tried to keep them quiet so that wouldn’t happen. At one point I thought about adding in door squeaking open but every sound effect that I could find for it sounded just like farting or a noise that was so high-pitched it hurt my ears. So I opted out of that and just stuck with the dramatic piano.

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