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This week was stressful, frustrating, and enlightening all at the same time. My first daily create was photoshopping a cat with a synthesizer into outer space…I’m sorry, what? My first reaction was how on earth am I going to do that? The only time I have ever worked with photoshop was for my high school english class, and let’s be honest, we didn’t really care that much. I cropped a couple of things, maybe played around with lighting but after that, it was saved, pasted, and printed. I thought if the rest of the week was going to be like this than I was going to end up on my floor, shoveling ice cream in my face as I sat crying on the phone with my mom.

Okay, that may be a bit of an over exaggeration, but hey, I am a senior in college, I am allowed to have at least one breakdown a month, right?

Once I figured out a schedule and told myself how much I was going to accomplish each night (and got past the whole photoshop fiasco) this week taught me a lot about the usefulness of Digital Storytelling. I got really into creating my character dossier and by the end even I couldn’t believe where Stella came from. In fact, I explained her to my roommate and she was a little concerned about by excitement behind creating a sociopathic psychologist. When I first read about our writing assignments, I didn’t think I would be able to create a character and work with him/her, but when it came time to write my 7 character story, it was a ton of fun working around something I had already created.

I will say that once I did the writing assignments I felt like I was done, but I knew I had to write about them theĀ right way. I think that was the biggest struggle for me. Once I put the effort into the actual assignment, I had no desire to do anymore.

Overall this week wasn’t hard, it was just time consuming. I will say this is the first time I have created a blog and actually used most of the tools and wanted to create a place that represented not only me, but the course. It is the first time that blogging has been more than an assignment. It is nice that we get to create our own characters, and that customizing our blog and creating an about me section is incorporated as part of our work. I think it makes it a lot more personal and less like an online course.

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