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Photo Reflection

I don’t have very much experience with photography, however I do love to take pictures. I take photos everywhere I go and I love to visit cool places to take pictures of where I am. Outdoor scenery is what I like to take pictures of most. Hiking is a big hobby of mind and there is always a pretty picture to take when I go. My subject could be mountains, rivers, lakes, waterfalls, landscapes, cliffs, hills, forests, sunsets, animals, trees, flowers, or even gardens. I think that nature makes the most beautiful pictures. I don’t have a specific approach to taking pictures, I just try to capture the beauty that I am seeing. I do try to capture a feeling of peace or serenity in my photos. I think I tend to capture this fairly well because when I look back at my pictures I get the feelings that I had when I was in that place. After reviewing the resources I think I could try to put more of a story or meaning behind my photos instead of just taking them without thinking about what they mean.

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