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It was  a very cold day of photography, so cold in fact that none of my friends enjoyed shaking my hands afterwards. Or were they friends? Just kidding, but nonetheless the weather did not stop me from a fun little adventure.

Distinctive Boots
Close-up of a pair of leather boots.

I felt that this picture would satisfy the distinct shadow requirement as the cracks in this leather pair of boots really define the texture of this subject as there are many small shadows that shape the boots. You can also see distinctive shadows in the concrete steps and the green bushes in the background.

Light from one side
Lighting from one side

Believe it or not, but this picture was captured in my friend’s dorm room in the middle of the day. We closed the blinds and I adjusted the camera settings to take in as little light as convenient. Then, we had two more individuals holding both a lamp and multiple built-in phone flashlights.

A monkey's-eye view
A monkey’s-eye view

For this portrait, I extended my tripod to its maximum lengths (which made the tripod much taller than myself) to form an angle straight above my friend. This perspective makes it seem like you are watching the subject from a tree, as if you were a monkey watching its environment from high above.

Self Reflection
Self Reflection

This is an interpretive piece that I have thought of doing. There is no real explanation to this composition other than your own perspective of this picture. I felt that this delivers a moody feeling to the audience despite the unclear message of this image. It is also somewhat mysterious which from my experience a characteristic of Noir.

Concrete Concoction
Stone Concoction

This was an image taken near the amphitheater where you will find many sets of stone steps and benches. Stone carries a very gritty texture, hence my choice in this location to use as my photo for this subject requirement.

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